Epson Stylus Photo R230: Two Red Lights Blinks Together


For Epson Stylus Photo R230 only – I don’t recomend this to other printer because the process that i will going to teach you was base on what I experience and do to my printer.

When your printers two red lights blinks together non-stop then this might help you.

By the way my Epson R230 was CISS most of the time my problem was my printer can’t read the cartridges. The computer indicated that my cartridges were empty and has a red X on it. If you have the same problem, follow these steps:

  • Put your ink refill higher than your printer but not so high, but just enough for ink to fill the cartridges inside the printer.
  • Press the red light button- the button I was referring to was the one with ink drawing or the left button (so the cartridge will move and ink will fill inside – if you lift the cover there is a drawing just follow it how to do it – after you lift your cartridges just put it back again)
  • Always check you printer preference if you printer can execute a head clean (if not – continue pressing the red light button – this time you don’t have to take out your cartridges)

[To find head clean – Open Printer & Faxes – right click then printing preferences – maintenance]

  • If you can now execute a head clean – click it, then slowly put down the ink refill.

Note: If you click head head and asked you if you want to change your cartridge just click NO.

  • Repeat head clean until your cartridges have an ink (you can check it in your tube if you see any bubble or no ink inside, continue cleaning) tube-is were ink passes through to your cartridges
  • If your tube has no bubbles deep clean for the last time before you go to Number 7.
  • After you are sure your printer was ready – print a nozzle check
  • If the result was still has broken lines –as indicated on illustration – head clean it again.
  • If the result was Ok -as indicated on illustration– then your printer is now ready.

source: rahjoys.blogspot

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