Download Software 1/4 Wave Antenna with Ground Plane Ver. 1.0
(Windows and Linux Version)

A dipole and inverted V dipole calculator. Enter the frequency in Mhz and hit calculate to get the resulting lengths of the complete dipole and each leg, both for the normal dipole and the inverted V type.


Another little application written to help aid in vertical antenna construction. Enter the freqency in Mhz and click calculate it will give you the length for the radiating element as well as the ground plane elements. Ideally for radials you should have them sloped downward at a 45 degree angle to help provide a better match. As with all gambas programs they need the gambas runtime to work wich is a simple install from any major distribution.

WINDOWS : Download 1/4Wave  Antenna Calculator Ver. 1.0 / 13kb / zip file (download) or (download)

LINUX : Download 1/4Wave Antenna Calculator Ver. 1.0 (download)


Download Resistor Workshop Ver. 1.0

This Program is used to calculate resistor combinations for use in voltage devider circuits In The “Variables” section, one can fill in the values that are known, and press “solve” at the variable that is unkown. If the Variables in the edit boxes are not correct, the “not balanced” sign will appear. The devider is then balanced by pressing one of the “solve” buttons. The devider is said to be balanced when the shown values of R1 and R2 will result in V2 if V1 is applied to the devider.

At any time, one can press a “Get Standard” button to get the closest corresponding standard value. The Standard of Resistor to be used, can be selected in the “Select STD” section. Here you can choose between the different E-ranges of resistor available.


The Optimization section at the bottom is used to automatically find the best combination for a certain division ratio. Simply type in the required values of V1 and V2, and press “Go”. The Software will automatically suggest values for R1 and R2 between the minimum and maximum values. The results will be displayed in the “single resistor possibilities” section. Combinations of values will only be added to the results tables if they satisfy the minimum accuracy specified in the “min Accuracy” Edit Box.

In the “multi resistor possibilities” section, there are suggestions for combinations envolving two resistors to make up a value for R2. Both parallel and series combinations are calculated. By double-clicking on any of the calculated values in the table, the set of values for R1 and R2 can be loaded into the “variables” section. In the Variables section, you can then simply press “solve” at V1 or V2 to get the devider in a balanced state. When loading values from the “multiple resistor possibilities” into the variables section, the software uses the combined value of R2 to put into the Edit Box for R2.

WINDOWS : Download Resistor Workshop Ver. 1.0 / 305 kb / zip file (download) or (download)


Download Regulator Designer Voltage Current Shunt Adjustable Ver. 1.3

Regulator Designer LM317, LM150, LM350, L200, TL431, M5237, 78xx,  voltage, current, shunt and adjustable regulator design

Allows to calculate

  • LM317 (LM150, LM350) voltage regulator
  • LM317 (LM150, LM350) current regulator
  • L200 voltage and/or current regulator
  • TL431 precision shunt regulator
  • TL431 precision shunt regulator (with LM317)
  • M5237 3-terminal adjustable regulator
  • 78xx series voltage regulator ( LM7805, LM7809, LM7812, … )
  • 78xx series current regulator
  • uA723 precision voltage and/or current regulator


WINDOWS : Download Resistor Workshop Ver. 1.3 / 109 kb / zip file (download) or (download) or (download)


Download Transformerless Stabilizator Ver. 1.0

Transformerless Stabilizator

WINDOWS : Download Transformerless Stabilizator Ver. 1.0 / 55.8 kb / zip file (download) or (download)


Download Schematic drawer for Electronic / Engineering


WINDOWS : Download Transformerless Stabilizator Ver.- / 2.6 Mb / zip file (download) or (download)


Download Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack (SP)-1, SP-2, SP-3

Download Windows XP Service Pack-1a, Express Install (32-Bit) for End Users

Download Windows XP Service Pack-2, Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers

Download Windows XP Service Pack-3, Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers



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